i just want to have some fun while designing and bring you a smile as well!

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Illustration a day – Bitter Sweet
Testing the large format print size for the upcoming pop up ink shop
Illustration a day - 9vs5
Illustration a day – What moves you?
Very excited to announce the Pop up ink shop from 8/11–8/22 at the American Fresh Taproom at Assembly Row! More detail to come!!
Working on a new art show for mid of August! More info will come soon!

Making it 3D!

illustration a day – yuck!
illustration a day – let it all out


Ping Pong: The Animation [ピンポン]

(via frighteninglybluesky)

illustration a day – let it all out.
illustration a day - don’t sweat it!
Illustration a day - bang bang!
Illustration a day – POW!
Illustration a day - there is no “if”